Public Schools


Schools in the area

It’s a good idea to know where the local schools are before you buy your house!  You may prefer to be closer (if you have children) or further away (if you like peace & quiet!)

If you also want to know about the quality of the schools, check the “School Report Cards” for the most recent scores from standardized testing.

Transportation to and from the schools is mostly left up to the parents, as buses have become less available and much more expensive than ever before.  If your children are in sports, it adds another complication getting them to and from practices or games at times that don’t match up with the school day start and end times!

The school that is closest to your house, may not be the one assigned by the district.  Due to changes in population ages over the years, the school district may move students to schools that are actually further away from their homes.  Sometimes you can appeal your child’s school assignment, but it depends on which schools have more space at the time you make your request.

You can look up the assigned schools for each school district in the links below:

Saddleback Valley Unified District

Capistrano Unified School District

Irvine Unified School District

Tustin Unified Schools District

Newport Mesa Unified School District

Laguna Beach Unified Schools